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About Us

About Us

Connectphone Ltd. has been actively dedicated to making a better world where advanced technology can become feasible for all, and its new series of the smartphones are a remarkable achievement on this track. This is a new series of forward-thinking smartphones, specially designed and supervised by a distinctive team of experts in the UK.

Our motto is simple: "Smartphone for everyone". The idea is to take the world of our customers to new imaginative and easily realized directions.
Following a thorough investigation over the real needs of the market, connect succeeded in designing phones which enjoy the comprehensive functionality of the most advanced technology in the world of communications most needed features in the market today.
Ensuring utmost reliability, the challenge was solved when the 1st series of smartphones came out with features which are easy to use and enjoy for all. The cultural and technological gaps in different societies were diminished and smartphones were made to become an understandable and most essential everyday tool for everyone. Since then, Connect phones are becoming the preferred choice for everyone.

ConnectPhone Ltd. is shaped by a group of UK-based engineers and developers, closely in touch with the smartphone market, focused to develop and deliver the proper and suitable choice of smartphones, specially focused and customized for the Arabic market.

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